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Duck & Apple Recipe Dog


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1KG, 2KG, 5.4KG, 10KG

EVARK Duck & Apple Recipe 設計源於自然,回歸原始,以滿足您愛犬內心的狼性。採用非基改成分製成,100% 不含穀物、玉米、小麥或大豆,無添加人工色素或香料。此配方專為對食物敏感的毛小孩精心製作,使用的肉源單純,以富含蛋白質的鴨肉、鯡魚和白鮭魚以及富含纖維的蘋果為主原料。鴨肉富含狗狗必需的 Omega-3 脂肪酸、鐵、磷、鋅和硒。鯡魚和白鮭魚含有有益於認知發育和關節保健的 DHA 和 EPA。蘋果是維生素 C 、維生素 A 的重要來源,富含纖維,可幫助您的毛小孩保持健康的體重,同時幫助消化。這個營養美味的配方,一定會讓您的愛犬對用餐時刻感到非常興奮!


*100% grain free- no wheat, corn or soy. Hypoallergenic and easier to digest
*Crafted with low-glycemic ingredients, 0% of potato or tapioca which is high-glycemic and common in conventional pet food
*90% high quality animal protein provides nutrients from different animal sources
*Supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin that are essential for maintaining healthy joint function and mobility
*Turkey is an exceptional source of protein, low in saturated fat, and supports energy production
*Omega-3 and Omega-6 from herring oil reduce an itchy skin, promote a silky coat and help strengthen immune system
*Probiotics and dried beer yeast promote a balanced intestine flora and enhance palatability
*Parsnip helps promote dental health and maintain strong bones
*Celery seed aids in maintaining kidney and bladder health
*Fiber-rich chickpeas, red lentils, and pumpkins support optimal digestive health




During this process, air is removed completely from the production chamber, forcing nutrient-rich oils to permeate the kibble without making it greasy. Unlike in standard pet food production, nutrients stay deep within the kibble, creating a clean, dry, nutritious food with a high level of healthy fats.


We grind ingredients in a specialized hammer mill rotating at high speeds, producing a consistency similar to flour. FINE GRIND provides denser pellets, less bag dust, better oral health, and more nutrients going in your pet than coming out.

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